Red Black White Bedroom

Red Black White Bedroom


Ballerina Figurines

Most who know me have no idea that for a brief time I wanted to be a ballerina.  I took lessons all of 12 weeks and realized I wasn’t all that graceful.  Over the years I have seen what hard work dancing can be as well all the injuries that can befall you, nowadays I just sit back and enjoy the thought that at one point it seemed like a good idea.

Today we bring you the Ballerina Figurines, delicate and beautiful at 7″L 7″W 13″H.

Metal and Glass Lantern

Something about a lantern reminds of a mystery.  This little light that you can carry close to you guides you through the dark into a revelation, it inspires but can be scary also.  It is probably the curious cat in me but it seems elegant in a way. Of course although you can light a pathway while still it is useful lighting a room or whatever you need might be.

This simple lantern is in the Indian style 13nches (W) x 13 inches (L) x 8 inches (H)

Chevron Wood Fabric Bench

My initial impression was this was a chaise, now I realize there is no open end as in traditional loungers but if you put your feet up it might work, almost :).  Either way its a sturdy place to sit and consider your life or watch your favorite show.  18″L 53″W 26″H

Bicycle Bookshelf

I saw this and first thing I thought was how cool it was.  Recently I was living in an area where they did the naked bike ride, I guess it still make me giggle a bit.  This bicycle themed item was a fun reminder.  I enjoy that its not the same part of the bike on both sides which would have been quite boring, but instead they did it up with the entire interactive layout.

You can certainly hold those books up with this sporty bookend set, at 3″L 7″W 10″H.

Blog Introduction

Yes this is all about home decor items and art, it might take a while to get things running this is a note in case you find us before the dust settles.  Do keep coming back for the goodies.