Pinterest top Picks for 2017

Yes this list is a bit delayed but it has some interesting items.

They are Here

My favorites are Marble Wallpaper , Deep Blues and Heated Floors.


Denim as Home Decor

It has been a while but not too long ago I saw a company that was using denim as insulation, I thought that was quite nice.  Now I see that a bit simpler use for denim has been found and by the looks of the options well some are even creative.  At first glance of the title it seems fun but some of the uses are not all that appealing to me.

Ten Awesome Ways to Decorate with Denim

My favorites are the Denim flower pot cover and the runner rug.

My least favorite are the coasters, because that is just an accident waiting to happen, I also didn’t see that the pillows were that creative since forever pillows have been made form everything, eh who cares right.

The real winner for me was the Bowl they made from Denim, interesting and will take a bit of time but absolutely creative.

What are your thoughts on this Ten ways to use Denim in decor? Share in the comments.

Starting over Here!

Hi gang, this is the first post in the upcoming version of this home decorator blog.  The initial reason for it no longer exists now we have the love of beautiful items combined with the desire to arrange, design and discover what others share about such things.

I will be adding articles and as usual my thoughts as this site evolves.   Thanks for stopping by and come again often!!


Hi all just in case you have noticed I added a link to our instagram.

Daily I am posting amazing items from the store, from furniture to fine art , lighting and more.  Stop over on instagram but most importantly at the website to see all the amazing items being added for your home.  It is important to be comfortable at a great price but also if you are a creative person that outlet is all needed regularly.  The digital artist will help with that and they currently have a giveway, its free to sign up.